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    Alrashid Cyber Mall, is Designed and hosted by Nova Stars Informations Services, Memeber of The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.

    Quran, Arabic and English
    The Saudi Network

    Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
    Member of
    The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
    Saudi Arabia Trade and Business Directory
    Nova Stars Information Services, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
    Special Communication Systems
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    Computers & Communications

    Computer Co.

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    Computers & Communication Links
    in Saudi Arabia

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     Computer Games

    • Colin G - Home
      First site that focus on Arabic computer game programming on Windows95 and WindowsNT. Using Microsoft DirectX.





    • iVIew GRAfix
      iView Grafix is one of Best Creative Houses in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


     Hardware & Software

    • Sakhr Web Site 匝呱 瘴?崛亚闾 轻颓尤

    • Saudi Script v2.0 for mIRC
      An all around fun and easy to use irc (internet relay chat) script. Great for beginners, yet full of great features that even a pro can admire. Lots of colorful fun. Includes an arabic to english translator for arabic fonts and also a media player for playing your favorite .wav and mp3's. Download it today!

    • The Foundation of Harf Information Technology
      HARF has emerged as an offshoot of Sakhr Software - Cairo. Pioneering the field of programming and authenticating juristic studies, HARF's main interest is focused on developing and marketing Islamic software that meet the needs of every Muslim all over the globe.


     Internet Cafe

     Internet / WWW

    • FadiTECH - Internet Web Design & Development
      Internet Web Design & Development Domain Names Registration Web Site Hosting Graphic Design & Art Work Internet Consulting HTML - Java - ASP - CGI -Shockwave Flash Jeddah Saudi Arabia - Beirut Lebanon

    • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology: Internet Services Unit

    • Marafi Media International
      Marafi Media International specializes in complete INTERNET HOSTING SOLUTIONS.

    • Powertime Net
      Internet & Computer Services

    • SaudiNIC (Domain Name Registration)
      SaudiNIC is a non-profit Local Internet Registery (LIR) in Saudi Arabia and is currently operated by the Internet Services Unit of KACST. SaudiNIC is in charge of administering the Domain Name Space under (.sa) and is responsible for allocating blocks of IP address space to the universities and the local ISPs in Saudi Arabia only.

    • The Saudi Internet Services Unit
      General information about Internet Services Unit and its role in serving the Internet community in KSA

    • ZAF NET Media Services
      Welcome to ZAF NET Media Services, our mission is to provide our dear customer an effective and aesthetic pleasing web site. No matter the size of your business, what ever your products and services are, we create customized web pages based on your needs.


     Online Services

    • Atheer

    • Awal Net

    • Electronic Concepts

    • IMS HomePage
      Internet Marketing Solutions (IMS) has taken bold steps in developing a unique local service unparalleled in either quality or value. By comprehending what the Arabian business community requires from this technological movement and through a qualified team of international marketing professionals, designers, and technology experts, IMS provides the tools needed to reach attainable goals in the present while building for the future.

    • Internet Service Providers: Looking for an ISP? - Comparisons
      Price is never the sole factor in deciding for a product or a service. However, it is an important factor none the less. Regulatory bodies in Saudi Arabia have specified high and low water marks for prices ISPs can give service for. Since the information in the following table was gathered from various sources over a period of time, they may not be up to date. The ISP business in Saudi Arabia is regulated, as far as prices are concerned. There is a minimum and maximum set for the service, whic

    • Naseej
      Naseej used to be a subscription service to several Arabic publications using Internet technology. Also used to provide e-mail. They are now part of the Saudi Online conglomerate with 6 other companies.

    • NourNet

    • Prime Net

    • Sahara Network

    • Saudi Business Machines (STC )

    • Saudi Online

    • Shabakah
      This web site is very well designed, and appealing.

    • SPS Net
      Some of the cheapest rates around. Service: Once connected, the service seems to by acceptable. Difficult to connect to during busy (e.g. evening) hours.

    • Zajil
      Zajil (Arabic for "Homing Pigeon") provided e-mail access to the general public for some time. Now they are a full ISP.


     Search Engines



     Web Design





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     Alrashid Cyber Mall, member of The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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    The Saudi Network, Trade and business information and links to
    Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf and Middle East Area.

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